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      Carpet Cleaning Services Biggin Hill was an extremely professional company when they worked on my job the other week. I highly recommend their services.
I. Winston19/05/2020
     I hired Carpet Cleaning Services Biggin Hill to do some domestic cleaning at my flat. They did a fantastic job and I will be using them again.
Ashley N.19/09/2019
     After ringing up Carpet Cleaning Services Biggin Hill and requesting a quote for possible services for my flat I was left with the impression of a very professional company. Upon scheduling an appointment, and after spot checking the work completed by the cleaning crews, I can say that I am more than satisfied with the results and will use them again. Best cleaning business!
Tabitha Yates11/09/2018
     I just wanted to say how pleased I was with the office cleaning service I hired from Carpet Cleaning Services Biggin Hill. I had a mess from some building work and luckily this company could come at short notice and deal with it. They did a great job and left the office spotless.
     I am writing to thank BigginHillCarpetCleaners for doing such a fabulous job of cleaning our house last week. Our house looks amazing, smells good and is clutter free. I could not believe how professional and thorough your service was. We didn't have to give you any instructions; it was as if you knew just what we wanted! Completely hassle free service, one of the best I have experienced in recent years.
Frank S.19/08/2015
     I have never been great with house chores and now that I am trying to build a career, I barely have time to actually do house work. I call for BigginHillCarpetCleaners every two weeks for a general house cleaning and every time they are more than just great. They are attentive, friendly and they never leave ONE spot of the house dirty. Definitely recommended!
Gina E.17/03/2015
     There's a lot of talk recently about which cleaners are right and which ones offer the best help. In my experience, you can't go wrong with BigginHillCarpetCleaners. I've had the pleasure of working with them for a short while now and in this short amount of time, they've been able to make a real impact and to show themselves as the high quality professionals which you would come to expect. In this regard, I don't think I've found anyone better. Really good, will be hiring them again very soon.
Ruby Lawson07/01/2015
     I wanted my tiled floor cleaning professionally has they had been down for a long time, and were looking grubby. A friend recommended a hard floor cleaning specialist firm which he had used and was extremely happy with. I arranged BigginHillCarpetCleaners to call and give me a cost for the work. I was greeted by a friendly staff member who explained the procedure and gave me a cost. The date was made and the service performed. The results were fantastic.
Edmund Hardy24/11/2014
     Hard floor cleaning is a job that has to be done with a great deal of care and diligence and I feel like the cleaning team at BigginHillCarpetCleaners have it down to a fine art. My wooden floors were looking a bit dusty and dirty but a go around with the mop and hoover just weren't cutting it - they needed a professional clean. I got a great quote from these guys and they really came up trumps. After their visit my floors absolutely sparkled and I could not have imagined a better outcome especially at that great price.
     After a couple of letdowns with some cleaning agencies in the city I wanted to be sure before I hired a new one. Instead of pricing and discounts, this time I made it a prerogative to choose a company by its reputation. And no agency in the city can boast of a better reputation than BigginHillCarpetCleaners. I've had the pleasure of hiring these cleaning contractors thrice now and the results have always exceeded even my best expectations. If you're looking for a cleaning team that does what it says and more, this one is the best you can find!
Jane H.19/09/2014
     The look of my home once BigginHillCarpetCleaners was finished with it was all I needed to see. I give them a hearty recommendation, and here's why. My place looks stunning now - as good as the day I bought it, so you can understand my enthusiasm! I've always wanted a good clean home, but I very rarely have time these days. I have a full time job with strenuous working hours, so the clock isn't ever on my side. It's not a problem anymore though, because this cleaning company did a magnificent job! They provided me with a service that far exceeded my expectations and more important, a cleaner that I can rely on in the future!
Mandy E.29/08/2014
     I'd like to thank the wonderful people at BigginHillCarpetCleaners for helping me every week with the cleaning at my house. It's only a little bit of work, but it is very important, and really does insure that I am able to get other things in the house sorted, which frankly is a marvel! Whether it is a little grocery shopping, or visiting friends, I feel I can get on with it in peace now, without worrying that I still have a tone of cleaning to do when I get home! Again, thank you, I hope that others out there will take advantage of your wonderful service!
Carroll Watson05/03/2014

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